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August 1, 2, 3, 2014 at the Lake County Fairgrounds, Grayslake, IL


Sponsorship helps us keep the Fleece Competition going. What's great about our Fleece Competion?

the purpose of Three Bags Full is threefold:

  1. To provide feedback and a market for our fleece producers - including the highest award $ around. Why? To attract the best fleeces!
  2. To provide top quality fleeces for our spinners - while we attract spinners, we are also are in a position to educate the yarn using public about spinning and felting and other uses for raw fleece. In other words, create demand!
  3. To inform the public about different animals and breeds, the fleeces they produce, and uses for different types of wool. We are educating the fleece buying public!

By supporting the Fleece Competition, you are promoting your business and your fleeces!

to become a sponsor:

  1. Read about our fleece sponsorship opportunities
  2. You can send a check with the form, or (greatly preferred) use our online "Add to Cart" buttons below. Note, if you wish to sponsor more than one class, select your first class and "Add to Cart". Then click "continue shopping" and select your second class, "Add to Cart", etc. There is no limit!
  3. Be sure to include your URL in the comments at check out! If you are signing up for Grand or Reserve levels, please email your logo to Logos must be no wider than 132 px.


Division II - Llama
Division II (Llama) Grand Champion $125
Business Name (sponsor):
Division II (Llama) Reserve Champion $100
Business Name (sponsor):
Division II (Llama) Class Sponsor $35/ea
Class selection:
Business Name (sponsor):
Division III - Alpaca
Division III (Alpaca) Grand Champion $125
Business Name (sponsor):
Division III (Alpaca) Reserve Champion $100
Business Name (sponsor):
Division III (Alpaca) Class Sponsor $35/ea
Class selection:
Business Name (sponsor):



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"It's so wonderful to be surrounded by all this talent and Fiber."
-Paula from Crystal Lake

"Thank you for your vision and hard work to create such a wonderful and inspiring venue of the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair."    e-mail from teacher Jane Grogan